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The Holmes family Penthouse, as seen in 'Big Brother Instincts', 'The Roles We Play', and 'Consult'.

Word of warning: I've found a new website for textures. Be prepared for wallpaper!

British flats have the best layouts )
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I had a lot of time on my hands when I was sick where all I could really do was click and stare open mouthed at a computer screen. So, I used this time to work on the Holmes Mansion in Lincolnshire, as seen in 'Pox', 'Carry On', and 'No Rest'. Actually, just the first floor, because the ground floor rooms I've mostly found visual references for. You can see them on my Trio Pinboard.

Bedrooms! )
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Haven't done one of these in a while, since I got my new laptop. So, here is the Holmes family beach house/condo in Nice, as talked about in 'Lost for Words', and seen in 'Clouds and Ashes', and 'Happy Birthday', and one fic that has gone epic and I'm not even sure if anything will come of it, or I just need to get it out of my system. It's the reason I went back to work on this, though.


The Beach House )
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Apparently home designs are like my stories: I work away in rotation and finish them all at once. Last of the spam, I promise.

Q's new flat, from "The Roles We Play".

Tour + Ramble )
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Molly's flat, as seen in "An Extended Stay", "The Caregiver", "Settling for the Best" and "Sleepover".

The Grand Tour. )
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John Watson's Post-Reichenbach flat, as seen in 'The Caregiver' and 'The Great Mouse Conspiracy' (and others, if I can find the ending to them).

A Guided Tour )
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Q's flat was the first thing I built, and the reason I originally downloaded the programme, so I could wrap my head around the design for what ended up being "No Rest'. Thus, it's rather more detailed than some of my other designs. Also, it takes forever to render, so the pictures are smaller and less polished, and sometimes I couldn't do anything with the lights and had to go for the less quality settings.

I uploaded some images a while back, but this is the finished version.

Pictures get bigger if you click. Once again, apologies if they are linked back to the album. Photobucket sucks.

Q's Flat )
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The DVR broke, and then the SmartTv wouldn't stream Global, so I am Elementary-less until I can figure something out. I was very frustrated trying to fix it, and Mum quietly said 'I think you should go design some houses'. She knows me too well.

On that note, have some Watson Household!

I realize as I was writing that I actually had two opposing layouts for the Watson Home, so I decided to hash it out. And went overboard as usual.

Pictures under the cut. I've tried to find a work around to photobucket's link back to albums glitch, and I think I have, but if it flutzes up, I apologize.

Watson Home )
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I've come to realize that I'm basically set designing with this programme. And having a really indecent amount of fun.

I've built a set for Martin Crieff's Attic. Below the cut, because I'm sure people are getting sick of these by now.

The Pilot in the Attic )


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