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Title: A Bad Week For Doorbells
Characters: Harry, Murphy, Bob, Fay, Mal, Mouse, Kade
Pairings: Harry/Murphy, Fay/Kade
Rating: PG
Warnings: very mild references to potential magical dubious consent
Word count: 6,304
Summary: It's been a bad week for late-night doorbells at the Dresden household, and Fay and her boyfriend are the latest perpetrators.
Author's notes: So, this is random, huh? I was reading through old fic in my journal and got nostalgic for my mini!Dresdens, and my brain, of all things, decided this was what we were going to write now. I, unfortunately, lost all my mini!Dresden 'verse snippets and fics and world building in the Great Flash Drive Crash, so I've elected to just carry on from where I left off, which was here, after a large time leap to the minis being much older. I have done a bit of reworking on Kade's character, so the references to him might be contradictory there, but it shouldn't matter much.

If you need a refresher or are unfamiliar with this verse, here is the Launch Page, which has all the stories.

Voice are a bit rusty, so bear with.

Did you stun him? )
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Title: The Island of Misfit Toys
Characters: Harry, Murphy, Forrester, Samara, Elgan, Mason
Rating: PG
Pairings:Forrester/Samara, Elgan/Mason, probably Harry/Murphy of a squint nature
Warnings: none, aside from an OC M/M relationship. I don't know if I need to warn for that, but I shall.
Word count: 3,196
Summary: Harry plans a small Thanksgiving dinner, which accidentally turns into a haven for those with nowhere to go.
Author's notes: Written for the 'writer's choice' slot on my [ profile] occhallenge table.

Trufax: I have been working on this story for years now, but I kept not getting it finished in time for either Thanksgivings, and so elected to wait until the next year. I am posting in between Canadian and American Thanksgivings.

Forrester and Samara are originally from "Somnus", and can also be found in "God Laughs". Mason is orginally from "Communing With The Dead", and Elgan joins him in "Shattered Glass". Elgan originally belongs to [ profile] celtic_cherokee, who lets me borrow him because she's awesome.

This concludes my [ profile] occhallenge table. It only took me five years. But it is finished. Yay me!

A happy late Thanksgiving to Canucks and an early one to Yanks.

Your pinny is very fetching. )
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Title: One of Gramma's Spells
Characters: Harry Dresden, Bob, Fay, Mal, Mouse, Gramma Katie
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word count:1,300
Summary: The Dresdens scare away a storm.
Author's notes: Written for the 'metal' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Set in the mini!dresden's 'verse. Short, and written a bit fast in a fit of inspiration. Apologies for any rough patches.

No! I don't yike! )
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Title: Spring Cleaning
Characters: Harry, Fay, Mal, Murphy, Bob and daemons
Rating: PG
Warnings: a bit of angst
Word count: 1,795
Summary: Spring comes after a long winter for the Dresden clan, and Harry and Murphy do a little clearing of the air.
Author's notes: Written for the 'spring' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Set in the mini!dresden's 'verse, pre-series, about four months after "Running Water".

AUs of AUs for the win! I figured while I was doing my Sherlock daemons, I might as well do my Dresden characters as well. Knowledge of His Dark Materials is not required. All that's necessary to know is that, in this world, humans' souls live outside of their bodies in the form of animals. There's an excellent primer here.

For reference: Taika (a Newfoundland), Jarek (a white lion), and Arsinoë (a rook). Mentioned, but not in the story: Liron (a Malabar Whistling Thrush), and Dahi (a dik-dik).

After some debate, I've decided to let Bob keep his daemon in the afterlife. I think it would be more of a punishment to have your soul and be aware of what wrong-doing you did.

Fay is about three years old, and Mal is about 10 months old.

It had been a bleak winter, both literally and figuratively. )
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Title: The Power of Names
Characters: Harry, Bob
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Triggers: nothing explicit, but there are significant parallels to mental illnesses in this which some people may find distressing
Spoilers: What About Bob?, Bad Blood
Pairings: none
Word Count 1,487
Summary: There's a monster in Harry's basement, and it's time to face it head on.
Author's notes: Once upon a long time ago, I wrote something for a meme and [ profile] dustlines and [ profile] joonscribble were very enthusiastic about it and asked me to continue it. I had nothing at the time, but both of these lovely people are having some work overload issues, so I've kicked my butt and written a story to give them a bit of a distraction for a few minutes.

GC gave me the prompt of 'what if Bob had never become Bob, and was still Hrothbert'. It went a bit different than I was expecting when I started. A bit on the dark side, but not as bad I thought it would be.

Google and I have attempted some Old English. Apologies for any errors.

It takes 372 days. )
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Title: Symphony for Violin and Wizard
Characters: Harry Dresden, Mira (OFC)
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Word count: 2,489
Summary: Harry gets a look at what Miranda does for a living. And she, rather exepectedly, gets a look at what he does.
Author's notes: Written for the 'smile' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Set in the mini!dresden's 'verse, pre-series and very early in Harry and Mira's relationship.

Then, suddenly, we were both on our asses on the ground. )
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Title: One War Zone for Another
Characters: John, Forrester (OC), Sherlock, Harry
Rating: R
Warnings: language, a racial slur (not used by any of our heros), slightly detailed descriptions of sutures being put in
Spoilers: Forrester basically sums up Somnus in the middle of this, so if you haven't read that, but would like to, beware of major spoilers.
Pairings: None
Word count: 4,251
Summary: During a very odd case in Chicago, John winds up in the ER--and catches up with an old friend from medical school.
Author's Notes: This is extremely indulgent on my part. I just wanted Forrester and John to interact and... I seem to have written quite a lot. It also fills up the 'believe' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table.

I'm setting this sometime in Series One or early Belgravia for Sherlock, somewhere in there. There is suturing going on here, so those with needle phobias might want to steer clear of this one.

I think I may have added a fictional backseat to Harry Dresden's jeep and invented superfast local anesthetic. Otherwise, I've tried to be as accurate as possible. Thank you youtube, for having not one, but two videos on how to suture!

Also, because I couldn't work it in without it sounding like weird exposition, Brandon is Forrester's brother, who works with John at the surgery. You can find him in Sick Day.

Getting yourself sliced open is a bit drastic, Watson. )
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Title: The Copper Violin
Characters: Harry, Fay, Bob, Mouse, Mal
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Spoilers: There's a few references to my other OCS, but nothing too vital if you aren't familliar with them
Word count: Approx. 2000
Summary: A Christmas disaster is rescued by a Christmas miracle, courtesy of awesome friends and family and a not-so-fictional Santa Claus.
Author's notes: Written for the 'copper' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Set in the mini!dresden's 'verse. Mal's slightly older in this one because I wanted to give him a bit more of a personality.

Happy Christmas/Holidays/December!

'Oh dear' did not quite cover the extent of badness that lay before me. )
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Title: Running Water
Characters: Harry, Bob, mentions of Murphy, Mira, Fay and Mal
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Pairings: Harry/Miranda (OFC)
Warnings: angst, death of a character
Word count: Approx. 2750
Summary: When Harry suffers yet another loss in his life, he finds comfort in the fact that there's one person who won't leave him.
Author's notes: Written for the 'trust' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. This is pure, unadulterated angst, especially in light of how happy I generally keep the mini!dresden's 'verse. It revolves around Mira's death. Please feel free to ignore if you prefer to keep your view of the 'verse happy.

Mal is about six months old here and Fay is about three-years old.

Like I had my finger on a grenade pin and if I let go, everything would explode.  )
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Title: Shattered Glass
Characters: Harry, Bob, Caro (OC), Mason (OC), Elgan (OC)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Pairings: Mason/Elgan (OC/OC)
Warnings: injured kittys, swearing, m/m relationship
Word count: Approx. 3700
Summary: We all need friends, no matter our age, species or state of corporeal existence. A lesson learned by Harry Dresden after he receives a ghostly summons to a crime scene in the middle of the night.
Author's notes: Written for the 'friends' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Caro, Mason, Rook and Davy are from a previous story, Communing with the Dead. It's not required reading, but might help set up the world for this one. Elgan was originally created by the lovely [ profile] celtic_cherokee, who has graciously let me borrow him for this story. I wish I could do him better justice.

I woke up with a start to find a transparent ten-year old girl yelling in my ear. )
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Title: The Right Choice
Characters: Harry, Bob, Graylin (OC), Dylan (OC), Katrina, (OC)
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: Approx. 2300
Summary: Harry receives a visit from a pint-sized former client.
Author's notes: A bit of fluffiness written for the 'tall' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Graylin and Dylan both appear in a previous story, Child's Play and this story probably won't make much sense if you haven't read that one.

I like bunnies. )
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Title: Burnt Toast
Characters: Miranda (OC), Harry
Rating/Warnings: PG/ brief mention of vomiting
Spoilers: None
Pairings: Miranda/Harry
Word count: Approx. 1200
Summary: Harry receives some happy news as a result of his breakfast food choice.
Author's notes: Written for the 'love' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Set in my mini!Dresdens 'verse, pre-series.

This has been written forever, but I found it in my files and decided to polish for my table prompt.

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure your husband is supposed to be more attuned to your health than his ghost. )
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Title: The Wrath of Cinderella
Characters: Harry, Anna, Fay, Mal
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: 896
Summary: Glass slippers make good weapons.
Author's notes: A little bit of Hallowe'en fluff, written for the 'glass' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Happy Hallowe'en to those who celebrate!

I am not even kidding.. )
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Title: 15 Minutes
Characters: Bob, Fay, Mal
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: 376
Summary: Bob is baby-sitting. Well, he's trying to baby-sit.
Author's notes: I wrote this ages ago as a comment!fic for [ profile] donutsweeper and it never found its way to my main journal. Since it's on theme for today, I thought I'd post it. It also conveniently also fills the 'gold' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Happy Mother's Day, mothers!

It always amazed Bob how quickly children could make a mess. )
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Title: Moving Day
Characters: Harry Dresden, Miranda Dresden, Baby!Fay
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: 1,084
Summary: What it says on the tin - moving day, Dresden style.
Author's notes: OMG, you guys, I wrote something! Well, finished something really, since this has been sitting in a folder for awhile. But it's being posted!

Written for the 'Dance' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Set in the mini!Dresdens 'Verse, pre-Family Dynamics.

Please tell me that’s the last box. )
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Title: Old and Well-Connected
Characters: Harry Dresden and Kevin Ryan, with cameos by Richard Castle and Carlos Ramirez
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Word count: 1,931
Summary: When a case takes him to New York, Harry knows just who to call for help.
Author's notes: Written for A Ficathon Walks into a Bar with the prompt "Harry Dresden walks into a bar and meets...Kevin Ryan".

I got kicked by a unicorn. )
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Title: Pet Peeve
Characters: Harry Dresden, Fay Dresden
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: 270
Summary: The Dresden Family acquire a furry friend - but not the kind Fay is hoping for.
Author's notes: Written for [ profile] joyfulfeather who gave me the prompt of 'mice' and for the 'Dreams' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table. Set in the mini!Dresdens 'Verse

That always means no. )
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Title: Forget the Flowers (TVverse)
Characters: Anna Murphy, Murphy (referred to as Mom)
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: 583
Summary: Anna Murphy knows by what criteria her mom's dates should be judged. (Implied Harry/Murphy.)
Author's notes: A little ficlet written for the 'flower' challenge @ [ profile] dresdenflashfic.

Flowers, Anna had decided, meant you were trying too hard. )
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Title: Modern Day Knight (TVverse)
Characters: Sonia (random OC girl), Morgan
Rating: PG (for some violence)
Spoilers: None
Word count: 1, 348
Summary: When her boyfriend turns out to be less than knightly, a young woman is saved by a very unusual rescuer.
Author's notes: Done for the 'Morgan' prompt @ [ profile] dresdenflashfic.

When she played pretend, the knight never tried to kill her. )
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Title: God Laughs
Characters: Dr. Forrester (OC), Samara Forrester (OC), Harry
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word count: 587
Summary: Forrester learns that being a wizard's pet doctor can be hazardous to one's dinner plans.
Author's notes: Written for [ profile] tigerkat24 who asked for 'Forrester - oh, ye gods, it's him again' and for the 'Work' prompt on my [ profile] occhallenge table.

No, it’s never lupus )


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