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Welcome to 2018, followers of the Gregorian calendar! I spent my New Year's Eve fighting off kidney stones, but they passed just after midnight, so I'll take that as a good omen for the New Year. Because I'm optimistic like that.

2018 Fic-Round Up

The Vampire Outreach Service (Original, G) [8,333 words]
Cut Off At the Knees (Nero Wolfe, PG-13) [4,105 words]
Good Old Boys (Original, PG) [4,274 words]
The Importance of Names (Star Wars, PG) [1,325 words]
The Light of the Season (Once Upon a Time, G) [1,978 words]
Vampire's Best Friend (Original, PG) [1,991 words]
Magician, Heal Thyself (Merlin, PG) [1,949 words]

Total # of stories= 7
Total # of words= 23, 955

Memeage )

Hope everyone has a lovely, happy, healthy and safe 2018! I know 2017 was a stressful year for many of us, here's to a better year for those who need one!
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Very short fic round up from the second half of the year. Happy New Year everyone!

January-July round-up is here.

A Bad Week for Doorbells (Dresden Files, mini-Dresdens verse) [PG, 6,304 words]
The Best Alarm Clock in the Galaxy (Star Wars, [ profile] consci_fan_mo) [PG, 1,988 words]
Browned Butter (Once Upon a Time, [ profile] consci_fan_mo) [G, 1,956 words]
The Best Parts of Existing (Original, [ profile] consci_fan_mo) [PG, 1,992 words]

Total Word Count: 12,339 [76,134 for the year]
# of Stories: 4 (15 for the year]
Average Word Count: 3,084.75 [5,075.6 for the year]
Fandoms: Agent Carter, Dresden Files, Star Wars, Once Upon a Time, Original

Memeage! )

As always, thanks to everyone who wandered by to read and/or comment this year. I love having you all around and chatting to you. It's been almost ten years of this journal (I think in March? Or May?) and you all have really brought wonderful things to my life over the years.
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Hello, all! Happy Canada Day!

I thought I'd do a quick update while I was here, since I haven't been very active this month. My mom is doing great. She's just using a cane now, and she's in so much less pain, it's wonderful to see. It actually made me a little teary to see her walking so easily again. She's having some trouble with low iron/haemoglobin because she bled a lot during her surgery, but that's the only problem that she's dealing with right now, and it's getting better.

We're all pretty exhausted around here, though, but we're off to the cottage tomorrow for a week, which is perfect timing. I've basically been alternating between napping, writing this epic Agent Carter opus that's eating my brain, and binge-watching White Collar and Covert Affairs on Canadian Netflix (neither of which I had seen before, but OMG, I love them both, they are just the right level of what my tired brain can handle in a plot at the moment).

Here's the first half of this year's fic round-up. Hopefully, I will have more stories to post in the next six-month. At the very least, this epic fic should be done. At some point.

Fics! )
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Happy Almost New Year! A huge, ginormous thank you to everyone who reads, comments, takes a glance at, or just hangs out silently around my journal, I love you all, and I’m so delighted that you take time to put up with the strange things that come from my head.

The January-July round up can be found here

Words. )
Total Word Count: 61,418 [213,400 for the year]
# of Stories: 11 (33 for the year]
Average Word Count: 5,583.5 [6,466.7 for the year]
Fandoms: Sherlock, Agent Carter, Iron Man, The Avengers, Skyfall

Memeage! )
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Happy Canada Day! Bonne fete, Canada!

Time for the half-year fic round-up.

So many words )

Total Word Count: 151,982
# of stories: 22
Average Word Count: 6,908
Fandoms: Sherlock, Agent Carter, Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Skyfall

So...yeah. I've written 10,000 more words this past six months than I did in the whole of last year. Curse you, MCU!

On the bright side, I managed to write two stories around the 20K mark and neither of them were AUs, so there's an accomplishment.
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Happy New Year! A big thank you to everyone who read my stories, left a comment, stopped by, took a glance, etc. in this past year. I love you all, and I'm very grateful that you took the time to hang out with me and my odd little brain.

The January-July round up can be found here

Fics! )

Total Word Count: 52,436 [141,505 for the year]
# of stories: 12 [36 for the year]
Average Word Count: 4,369.67 [3930.69 for the year]
Fandoms: Sherlock, Avengers, Doctor Who, Skyfall

Memeage! )
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Happy Canada Day everyone!

Fics! )

Total word count: 89,069 words
# of stories: 24
Average Word Count: 3,711.2
Fandoms: Sherlock, Skyfall, Thor, The Avengers
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Finally saw Thor: The Dark World tonight. Two thumb's up. Not as good as The Avengers, but I doubt anything will be except maybe the sequel. I would have liked a bit more Thor and Loki interaction, because it was so good, but overall, definitely awesome.

Also, I want an Asgardian funeral when I die.

In other, mini-rant news, this constant migraine prodrome without actual headache is getting very frustrating. Hormones for the big fat lose.

Oh well, here's a picture of Tom Hiddleston wearing a flower crown. Things can't be that bad.
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Happy New Year, everyone! This is the July-December fic round-up, the January-June round-up is here.

A frankly alarming number of fics )

Total word count: 118,607 (213,449 for year)
# of stories: 41 (61 for year)
Average word count: 2,892.8 (3499.2 for year)
Fandoms: Sherlock, Elementary, Skyfall, Cabin Pressure, Dresden Files, due South, The Avengers, Firefly, Doctor Who

Memeage )
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Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête, Canada!

Half-Year Fic Roundup )
Total word count: 94,842
Total word count -Lost for Words: 37,750
# of stories: 20
Average Word Count: 4,742.1
Fandoms: Sherlock, Elementary, Skyfall, Cabin Pressure, Dresden Files, due South, The Avengers
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Happy New Year, those who follow the Gregorian Calendar! Happy [Date in your Region] to the rest of the world!

Fic Round-Up for 2012 )
Memeage )

Thanks to everyone who commented and supported my writing this year, I love you all! I hope I can continue to keep you entertained in the New Year.
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Happy New Year everyone!

FICS OF 2011
15 Minutes [376 words] (Dresden Files, mini!Dresdens 'verse)
Waiting [1,300 words] (Sherlock)
Recovery [1,585 words] (Sherlock)
The Wrath of Cinderella [896 words] (Dresden Files, mini!Dresdens 'verse)

A rather pathetic round-up this year. [ profile] bringthehappy didn't run this year, which made me sad, and that usually supplements my ficcage around August. But, considering how yucky I've felt this year, I think I didn't do too bad overall. Hopefully my word fairy will come home for 2012.
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I managed to get my writer in gear a little for Happy Fest. My little ficlets:

Another World (SG-1, G, 267 words, Mitchell 'constellation' prompt)
Uncle Meredith (SGA, G, 637 words, Rodney 'baby-sitting' prompt)
First Aid (Eleventh Hour, PG, 406 words, Rachel/Hood 'healing' prompt)
Valentine's Day (Lie to Me, G, 192 words, Gillian 'chocoholism' prompt)

Happy Fest closes on Sunday, so there's still time to write if you feel the urge. [ profile] bringthehappy
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2009 Fic Round-Up + Meme )

First time I didn't have to correct any html code before posting. Booyah!
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Don't forget to come play at [ profile] bringthehappy! There's lots of fun to be had. Here's what I've written so far (for my own organizational purposes):

Coffee Table Science (Eleventh Hour, G, Rachel/Jacob 'experiment' prompt)
Study Break (Star Trek (reboot), PG, Spock/Uhura 'jelly beans' prompt)
Good Different (Doctor Who/Torchwood, G, Ianto & Rose 'jam' prompt)
Expectant (Star Trek (reboot), G, Kirk 'acting like a real captain' prompt)
Distractions (Firefly (pre-Serenity pilot), G, Kaylee & Wash 'puzzle' prompt)
Untitled (Iron Man, G, Pepper 'vacation' prompt, Drabble Tree drabble)
Untitled (Stargate SG-1, G, Major Davis 'promotion' prompt, Drabble Tree drabble)
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Happy New Year! Bonne Année!

July to December Fic Round-Up )
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Mid-year fic round-up January - June. But before we get to that:

Happy Birthday Canada! Bonne Fête Canada!


Fics everywhere! )
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I started posting my stuff in May, so here is a fic round-up of everything since then. Which will probably be a lot. I'm not including drabbles since I've post them in drabble spams and most were done for memes.

Fics like whoa )

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I want to thank everyone who reads and follows and comments on this journal. I really, really appreciate all the encouragement I've gotten. Thank you!


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