Jul. 9th, 2016 11:16 am
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Back home from the cottage now! We had an amazing week. It was honestly so lovely and relaxing, and the weather was nice, and we had a nice visit with family, and it was super chill and great. I got some writing done, but not what I was intending to write, of course, and I think it needs a good reworking before it sees the light of day. Anyway, I shall be having a bath in my own little bathtub and a rest in my own little bed, shortly, but if you'd like to see what a very happy Scottish terrier looks like:

Ascii going to the cottage:

Ascii finding a nice place for a nap:


Ascii helping Mum do laundry:


Hope everyone else is doing well!
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Hello, world! I am back at my home, with my bed and my bathtub. But I had a truly lovely week at the cottage, probably one of the nicest we've ever had, weather-wise. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

I did a bit of writing, but not as much as I normally get done. I did more sleeping and jigsaw puzzling. Although Unnecessary Crossover #438 is finishedish, and should be up...at some point.

We also didn't get as many animal visits this year. Just the heron on our first night, and the annual Parade of Proud Goose Mama and her Babies, which I missed because I was in the shower. We did, however, have a very happy Scottish Terrier who did not want to come home.

She's now four-paws up on the couch, so I guess she's going with the flow.

This year's puzzle (started Tuesday morning, finished Wednesday night because it was so much fun):

Hope everyone had a lovely week!

Thank you!

Jun. 1st, 2014 09:52 pm
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes today, I have had a lovely one! Despite my morning starting off with the left arrow key on my laptop breaking, I have had a nice little get together with my family and eaten lasagna and rhubarb cake. I also have a drawing tablet for my laptop, which is quite nifty.

Hope everyone else has had a lovely day!
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I have a scooter! Of the electric bike sort. Dad found it at a yard sale last week and I had mentioned wanting one, and it was a really great deal. He made me go and try it out and then we bought it and I had a mild meltdown because I always do that when I make large purchases. And today I worked up the courage to try it out properly. I made it all the way around the block twice without dying! My wrist hurts from grabbing the handlebars so tightly, but I think I could get the hang of it. It should allow me to motor down to the shops in the neighbourhood, instead of asking someone to drive me, which will be nice. And I felt kind of badass on it.

In other news, I have added my daemons AU launch page to the sidebar, with a link to the portrait gallery (which now has Alec and Sarah added, because when I do something, I do it thoroughly damnit).

Also, Photobucket, just stop changing, okay? The more you try to make things 'easier to use' the harder it is to accomplish anything.

It exists!

May. 9th, 2014 01:09 pm
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This is a brief interruption to announce I now own lip gloss and eyeshadow without soy or carmine in them! I had a choice of colours. And they're not wimpy clear colours, they are proper colours. I have been without make-up for over ten years because of my allergies. Boo-yah!

Also, my word fairy has agreed to some fluff, and we're working quite diligently to fill in our plot hole that was hanging us up.

I've also updated my links list on the side of my page to include my pinboards and charahub page.

And it's only one o'clock!


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