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Quick question on Agent Carter canon, though more of an opinion than anything else:

In Season One, Jarvis says he was 'aide' to a General in Budapest. I assumed that he meant 'aide-de-camp', which is a sort of secretarial position, but I recently saw Jarvis mentioned on TVtropes as a 'batman', and that actually makes a lot more sense (batman was a servant to an officer, in charge of running errands, driving him, taking care of his clothing, digging his foxhole in battle, etc.). Did the AC writers use 'aide' so not to confuse American audiences, who probably would have gone to Bruce Wayne at the use of batman? It just makes more sense to me for him to be a batman, and go into life as a butler (historically, batmans often followed their officers into domestic service), than to be an aide-de-camp, which was a very prestigious position, and then have all the skills to be a butler later on.

Any thoughts?

Also, while I'm here, I said I was going to make some Ana Jarvis icons and I did. If any wants them, please feel free to use. Credit to [ profile] songstressicons and/or [ profile] citadel_icons if you'd like, but it's not necessary. Also, I'm trying to get the hang of a new graphics program, so if anyone would like any other Agent Carter icons, I'm happy to make them if you give me a picture or subject.

May Googles

Jun. 2nd, 2015 12:44 am
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Things Research for Stories in the Month of May:

lindy hop
wwii British navy ranks
when did clothing sizes become standardized
women's razors history
boeing business jet
charvet ties
Hanukkah 1972
when do brown eyes turn brown
lindsay snowstorm
new york mayor 1972
baby hearing tests
portable LP player
famous Philadelphia hotels
captain kangaroo
pearl harbor
abraham erskine
how to serve wine
goulash recipe
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Googles for the month of April:
- 1930's slang
- sherry
- 1940's underwear men
- 1940's hats men
- new york pizza
- ration book
- crossdressing
- dislocated shoulder recovery
- appendectomy recovery time
- plural of brolly
- buckinghamshire accent
- hair rat
- heddy lamarr turban
- march of dimes
- extreme hyperactivity
- cervix plural

Various 'did this thing exist in 1940's' searches:
- laundry detergent (no, not until after the war)
- washing up liquid (no, they used washing soda [bicarb])
- aspirin (yes)
- frisbee (yes, but not popularly. Steve probably wouldn't know the name for it)
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Hello, all! Welcome to another edition of 'over-thinking fandom stuff'!

I'm trying to hash out exactly how Edwin and Anna Jarvis got together. I thought I had a pretty good idea, but when I checked the Marvel Cinematic wiki, which is usually pretty on top of collecting all the canon in the 'verse, it didn't jive with how I remembered things. Then I looked again, and it had been edited and now seemed closer to what I had assumed. So, now I'm a little confused, and I'm wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on the matter. It's not terribly vital, but I keep dancing around it and I'd like to be able to be a little more solid when mentioning it in fic.

I've only seen each episode once and don't have access to watch them again at the moment, so I've had to work on memory alone.

Spoilers and Speculation. )
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This month's Google searchs for fic, brought you by the 1940's:

reynolds rocket
ballpoint pen history
flying boat
1945 luxury car
heart surgery recovery
1940s USO
film serials
Hannukah 1971
major arteries
famous chicago hotels
dog motorcycle carrier
French idioms 'as quick as'
long distance phone calls 1940s
mechanic creeper
tea cakes
how to climb a rope
1940s snood hairstyle
wedding signing the register USA
london school of ecomics
reform shiva
when did splitting the check become a thing
doctors in the marvel universe
first aid for impaled object in arm
butler duties
anderson shelter
how to put a shoulder back in place
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February Googles, AKA the Month that Tay Really Needed to Know About the Sixties and Seventies:

what affects stock prices
how do alarm clocks work
mr. and mrs. hungarian (if any one knows, this, by the way, I'm still confused)
history of foundation make-up
1970's innovations
fixing cracked plastic
how do batteries work
when do babies eyes change colour
formal dinner order of service
1960's cocktails
beehive hair
dtap vaccine
timeline of postnatal recovery
gas and air
paparazzi history
when did fathers start attending births
infertility polio
vietnam draft
middle eastern countries with royalty
introvert extrovert friendship
popular Portuguese names
how to rack pool
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Can daemon!chameleons change colour, or are they stuck as whichever colours they had when they first settled?

Real chameleons change colour to reflect a mood or to appeal more to the opposite sex or show that they're big and scary and shouldn't be messed with, and I thought it would be cute if a daemon!chameleon changed colours to reflect their human's mood. But as they aren't real chameleons and daemons don't tend to change (for example, a stoat daemon doesn't become an ermine daemon in the winter, like its animal counterpart would), does that mean they wouldn't have the same abilities as a real one?
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Inquires made for fic this month:
Joe Dimaggio
Hungarian terms of endearment
Vacherin Fribourgeois
menstruation product history (v. interesting, highly recommend reading about)
taking apart technology backwards (successfully resulted in helping me remember the term 'reverse engineering', thanks Google)
how to tie a bow tie
1980's men's formal wear
langue des signes fran├žaise
prochlorperazine + triptan
1984 broadway shows
Jewish bedtime prayers
what did germans call wwi
wwii switzerland
when does milk come in
women in university 1960s
60s dance moves
hyperemesis gravidarum
Japanese word for father-in-law (word of warning, missing 'word for' out of that Google will only result in offering you porn)
nisei soldiers wwii
japanese internment american soldiers
itching powder
common electrical problems in circuits
do servants knock
signs of alcoholism
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I'm writing an Avengers story from Thor's POV. Do I use British or American spellings? Usually I try to keep the spelling and word choice consistent with the origins of the character narrating, but Thor is actually an alien, even if he sounds British, and the rest of the cast are American or pretending to be, and the setting is in America.

I could always use Canadian spelling, which is whichever spelling occurs to you first.
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So, I'm working on a Thor fic, and it suddenly occurred to me: how the hell did Odin and Frigga pass off Loki as their son? I mean, clearly Frigga wasn't pregnant, so it must have been a bit dodgey when they just announced 'oh look, we had another baby'. Especially since the view we have of baby!Loki is not of a newborn, so not only did a baby appear, but one at least a few months old. So, did Frigga go-off planet for a while and come back with Loki claiming she gave birth to him while she was away? Because if they presented him as an adopted baby, I really don't think Loki could have lived that many hundreds of years without someone letting it slip, even if the whole of the Nine Realms were asked never to tell him.

Am I thinking too much about this?
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This is a bit of an odd question, but I've grown up surrounded by couples who have never been divorced, or lost a partner and remarried, so I don't really know how people refer to their step-parents in relationship to the parent they are married to.

I have two characters with step-parents: Alec, whose dad is remarried and whose mum is not, and Sarah, whose parents are both remarried. So, if those characters were to refer to visiting their parents, would they be likely to say 'my parents' or 'my mum and step-dad/my dad and step-mum'. Would it depend on how they viewed their parents? Alec sees his step-mum more as a mother than he would see his own mum as his mother, whereas Sarah's parents divorced late in life, so she was raised by them both. I suppose it would be a personal choice, but I'm trying to be realistic. It seems clumsy to have to specify, but perhaps that's one of the complications of being a child of divorced parents.
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Anyone around here know anything about motorcycles? I need my dynamic French spy to be riding one, and I know even less about them than I do about cars.

I need it to be fairly badass and sleek. Price is no object. Character is a bit flashy, and likes to go fast. In his late 30's, and an experienced rider, so able to handle something trickier to ride. He uses it mainly to get around Paris, so I want a standard, street bike, but he'll also want something for longer trips, so maybe something in the sport touring range in addition to the naked bike.

I've taught myself the general terms, but am clueless about brands and models.
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I have a possible Thor fic bunny, but I have a question about how Asgardians age. Probably not definitively answerable, but any opinions would be appreciated.

Not really spoilers, but some math. )
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Does anyone know what order the Crieff siblings in Cabin Pressure go in? My instinct is to make Martin the middle child. Simon is definitely the oldest, but I don't know if Caitlin is supposed to younger or older than Martin. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Asking this on my f-list before I venture into Little Details, as I don't particularly know how to Google for this.

Does anyone know if a person who has been convicted of a crime has any right to see the evidence used against him? As is, lab reports, autopsy results, etc. And if those are available to him, would the names of people composing them be redacted, or does he have a right to know them, as well?

It's not terribly important what the answer is, as I can have him acquire the information by illegal means, but I just want to know whether I have to state that the means were illegal, or if I can just write it out as something available to that person.

This is in the UK, if that makes a difference.

Misc. Stuff

Jan. 3rd, 2014 10:47 pm
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I've had a few random things that didn't seem worth making a post about individually, so I thought I'd combine them.

1. We've been experiencing a bunch of frostquakes happening around here, lately. They happen when the temperature changes rapidly, and water gets into the ground and then freezes and expands. It's sort of like something giant has just landed on your roof, or a sonic boom. It's not dangerous, apparently, but it's slightly unsettling. But kind of cool, too. No pun intended.

2. I have a new laptop! It is pretty. Its name is Oliver, and it does everything I ever wanted anything to do. I love it.

3. I stumbled across this article today, and it made me lol. Because I do enjoy it when non-fandom people report on the Sherlock fandom doing things all fandoms do as though it were particularly weird for that fandom. Also: Curly Fu and Peanut. I don't know which one I like better.

4. AU's are successfully mended, for the most part, but as usual with a Sherlock episode, I have no clue how many days it's supposed to take place over. So, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to decide when people should know what they need to know. Also, what is Mary's profession? Is she John's secretary at the surgery, or some sort of RN or RPN? I couldn't catch Sherlock's deductions of her, so I don't know if it's ever explictly stated.

ETA: Sherlock spoilers in comments, too.


Nov. 20th, 2013 12:48 am
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My mum accused me of garfling today, and it got me thinking about something. Does anyone else have words or phrases that are unique to their family, or at least not commonly heard where you grew up?

My family words:
Garfle -- to mess up a basket of folded laundry in search of an item near the bottom.
Chuff -- what the printer does when it keeps spitting paper out with one or two characters on it.
Gros pitune -- an overweight person, who is nonetheless adorable
Nose draft -- the window in the back of a van that only opens slightly
"Get in the car, Martha!" -- a phrase stemming from a vacation my parents took where there was an older gentlemen bellowing at his wife to 'get in the picture, Martha!', which was apparently funny enough to become a catchphrase between them. Now used to tell someone to hurry up.
"Nothing broke!" -- called upon creating a loud noise, stemming from my klutzy tendencies as a child and my assurances that no assistance was required.
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Does anyone know for sure, or at least almost sure, what year Captain America was frozen? I've seen 1941, 1943, and 1945, and I don't know which, if any is accurate.

(I have the most random plot bunny, like completely out of nowhere. I am so confused by my brain.)
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I find myself writing a post-finale fic for Merlin to clear up some loose ends, and I have a couple of questions about the theories I'm operating on. Opinions would be appreciated.

Spoilers! )


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