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I haven't done one of these in a very long time, due to the Great Flash Drive Crash of '15 taking all my furniture and textures with it and also having to learn how to use the programme again on a Mac. Which is honestly the same as using it on a PC, except for that fact that, while Macs are very easy to use and much more stable than my laptop was, I find it very difficult to locate things on it or find where I've saved things. Basically the folders of my Mac are a mystery to me.

Anyway, I did manage to work out how to build again, so I gave Mat a flat. When I write places I like to be able to picture them in my mind and I find decorating a living space for a character tells me a lot about them, like their tastes, styles, and colour schemes.

I had a bit of trouble rendering, but hopefully the photos are good enough quality to see what's going on.

House Tour )
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If your character has a moth daemon who technically does not really have a mouth, can that daemon smile? Can it tsk its tongue? I mean, technically, it shouldn't be able to talk, but all daemons do, so does that extend its magical powers to make noises and facial expressions its animal counterparts couldn't make?

Also, in doing research for this, I have discovered that silkworm moths have adorably furry faces that make them look like alien poodles.

Life is weird when you write stories.
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When I write, I try to use the grammar and spelling that the person who's narrating, or whose POV we're occupying would use. So, American characters use American terms and spelling, and UK/Commonwealth citizens use British terms and spelling, regardless of whether the fandom is American or British-based. For characters like Edwin Jarvis and Peggy Carter, who are Brits surrounded by Americans in an American setting, I sometimes run into problems with what the dialogue of the Americans around them should be spelled like. For example, when an American is talking about his mother to a British person, does my British narrator record him as having said 'Mum' or 'Mom'? Because there is a distinct sound difference there, and it's hard for me to imagine any American saying 'Mum'. Airplane or aeroplane is another one.

It's probably something I'm overthinking, but I do feel like reading dialogue where Tony Stark says 'Mum' takes a person out of the moment a bit.

Any thoughts?
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Of all the things to trip me up in writing a story, the fact that I can't make the joke I want to make because French doesn't have an onomatopoeic word for what a mouse says is really unexpected.
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A selection of Google from November's fic research:

1940's microphone
1946 calendar
archery terms
patron saint of canadian army
bufo toad
canadian army clergy wwii
english sounds hardest for germans to say
i'll be home for christmas
icelandic forms of address
newfoundland slang
parallax effect
past tense of dwell
germans can't say squirrel

WIP Meme

Nov. 21st, 2015 11:24 pm
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For some reason, everything I write lately is super long, and my brain is jumping around from story to story, and there are words everywhere. So, here is a meme to assure the general public and myself there are stories in the works. Just long ones.

Post a fragment from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick).

Stories have not yet been edited, please forgive mistakes and grammar issues. Contents subject to change. Some restrictions apply. Void where prohibited and in Quebec.

WIP Excerpts )
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Bad news: The story I've put several K of words into? Turns out, very not historically accurate due to my misremembering/confusing history.

Good news: Potential rewrite actually works better. Characters seem much more cooperative with this scenario.

Bad news: Potential rewrite still not totally historically accurate, but much less inaccurate than previous version.

Good news: Story set in universe with super soldiers and steampunk pseudo-nazis. Probably some wiggle room for inaccuracy.
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Happy Turn Back Your Clocks Day!

Here's October's Googles for Stories:

how to wake a sleepwalker
cadbury wwii
clint barton arrows
canadian women wwii nurses
farsi words
french expressions of surprise
how to make a campfire
hershey's chocolate wwii
how to treat severe blisters
shaving cream history
middle eastern head covering
roast rabbit
avoiding hypthermia
codeine concussion
flying after heart surgery
tomato soup history
waffle delivery new york
jaffa cakes
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September Googles for Stories:

flowers you can grow indoors
African violet care
down's syndrome
new york children's hospitals
pediatric pneumonia
master title
1970s coat styles
1973 musicals
cake flavors
connecticut stereotypes
hardy boys
honorary degree
napkin etiquette
new york to stamford train
paul flato
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August Google Searches, slightly belated:

1920's songs
1940's antiseptic
1940's menu prices
books like Harry Potter
dog sign language commands
gameskeeper dogs
girding loins
history of pregnancy tests
how long are all the harry potter movies combined
italian interjections
muslim athletic clothes
ring cycle
peter lawford
history of child custody
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A selection of Googles from July:

- come josephine in my flying machine
- foxtrot basic
- ring composition
- vesper martini
- when did air quotes start
- plural of platypus
- when did modern guys start wearing earrings
- shabbat candles cover hair
- lord carnarvon
- seatbelts in limos
- kiffles
- how far is it to the moon
- thousand islands
- saran wrap history
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Last night I edited a very long story. I took 1000 words out. Go me! This morning, I took another look through it, and wondered if I could cut a few more words out.

I ended up with 65 more words at the end than when I started.
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This month's selection of 'Stuff I Put into Google for Stories':

- afikoman
- are seasons capitalized
- when did the word hippie originate
- strawberry allergic cross-reactivity
- legality of digital signatures
- how to calm an angry cat
- apgar score
- how to address a lord
- sussex England to paris
- cool hearing aids
- toddler adoption
- 60s yé-yé music
- congenital hearing loss
- chair for your purse restaurant
- blood clots in fighter pilots
- birth control pill history
- james bond weapons
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I love that I live in a world where I can ask Google what the exchange rates were in May of 1965, and Google will direct me toward a webpage that will covert any currency from 1953 onwards--including into Francs, a currency that no longer exists.

Thank you, Google, for making unnecessary details so easy.

May Googles

Jun. 2nd, 2015 12:44 am
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Things Research for Stories in the Month of May:

lindy hop
wwii British navy ranks
when did clothing sizes become standardized
women's razors history
boeing business jet
charvet ties
Hanukkah 1972
when do brown eyes turn brown
lindsay snowstorm
new york mayor 1972
baby hearing tests
portable LP player
famous Philadelphia hotels
captain kangaroo
pearl harbor
abraham erskine
how to serve wine
goulash recipe


May. 24th, 2015 08:02 pm
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Please send help. The plot bunnies are attacking from all directions and I can't concentrate on any of them because my brain keeps going to the others. We were working on daemon!fic, bunnies. It was cute. We were moving along really well. There was tea and small children. Why are we jumping through eras and fandoms?

I mean, don't leave me. But just...form a queue?

DVD Extras

May. 2nd, 2015 11:52 pm
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Due to my excess wordiness of late, I've had to do quite a bit of trimming down of stories, and I've ended up with superfluous scenes. I thought I'd do a little 'DVD Bonus' post of three of them, rather than just left them sitting around.

They were never edited fully, so there might be some grammar and wording mistakes.

The first one was going to be at the end of 'Memory Lapse', but I cut it due to length and it not saying anything I needed to say.

Scene One: From 'Memory Lapse' )

This one comes from 'A Good Thing'. I wanted Anna and Peggy to have a conversation instead of just telling through narration that they were getting along, but the story was too long, and Jarvis and Peggy took the conversation over, so I ended up trimming it down to the end of the dialogue to give a sense of them conversing without it taking up too much room.

Scene Two: From 'A Good Thing' )

This last one is from my original attempt to write 'A Good Thing', which was going to be from Howard's POV. It was going along all right, but after this scene Howard got very self-centred and concerned about his business, and I couldn't get him back to where I wanted the story to go, so I switched it over to Jarvis' POV instead, and transferred some of the stuff from Howard's part to him. Therefore, there are few similar lines in it to the finished story.

Scene Three: Alternative version of A Good Thing )
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Googles for the month of April:
- 1930's slang
- sherry
- 1940's underwear men
- 1940's hats men
- new york pizza
- ration book
- crossdressing
- dislocated shoulder recovery
- appendectomy recovery time
- plural of brolly
- buckinghamshire accent
- hair rat
- heddy lamarr turban
- march of dimes
- extreme hyperactivity
- cervix plural

Various 'did this thing exist in 1940's' searches:
- laundry detergent (no, not until after the war)
- washing up liquid (no, they used washing soda [bicarb])
- aspirin (yes)
- frisbee (yes, but not popularly. Steve probably wouldn't know the name for it)
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Me: This story is really long. Maybe I should see if I can cut some of it out.
Me: *edits, checks word count again*
Me: Okay, so I've gotten rid of 12 words.
Me: Yeah, that should be fine.

In other news, a tumblr blog I follow had a link to Homestyler, which is an online, fairly easy-to-use floorplan builder, for any other people out there who like to create sets for their characters to exist in, or are trying to figure out a complicated layout.
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Unexpected side effect of researching for Agent Carter fic: discovering I actually look quite nice in victory rolls and a Gibson tuck.

I may have to change my time travel plans. I've always thought Regency fashion would suit me, but perhaps I should go to the 1940's instead.


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