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First all: Agent Carter, please continue to be amazing, and also stop toying with my emotions because I can't write fic fast enough to deal with them all.

Second, I mentioned a bit ago that I was playing the Avengers Academy game on my iPad, and that the gameplay was meh but the rest of it was amazing. I've kept up with it, and the gameplay has grown on me, but it's still one of those games that you do something and then have to wait for a long time to do something else with. And it's so entertaining, you'd like to be able to faster. But the amount of detail and thought put into all of it is incredible. Like, let's take a minute to appreciate emo!teen Loki, wearing his 1930s 'Midgardian' swimsuit, a boater hat with horns, and swimming in a pool with a Jörmungandr floaty:

Or the fact that Tony gets his drinks served at the club by a robot:

And then there are the things the characters say when you click on them. Cap's make me laugh the most, because it sounds like Tony programmed the game and came up with 'Cap' things for him.

Some of Caps lines:
"Follow me!"
"Just like the good old days!"
"Let's be the best we can be."
"Move it, soldier!"
"Let's give 'em everything we've got."
"If we stick together, nothing can stop us."
"Avengers assemble!"

So, yeah. Well done, Tiny Co. I salute your spot on characterizations. My only complaint is that, so far, two of the three 'playable' female characters are somewhat boy obsessed and air headed. I don't know enough about Wasp or Enchantress to know if that's accurate or not. Natasha, however, is delightfully bored and suspicious.
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So, I managed to work myself up to listening to the last two episodes of Cabin Pressure today. I got a little teary, but I'm very pleased by the send off it got. Lovely writing from John Finnemore.

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Overall, I'm very, very happy. And a little bit sad. A lot of writers could learn from John Finnemore on how to develop characters over the course of the series. I wish everyone well in their future projects. And maybe it isn't too much to hope that maybe we'll get a Christmas special or two in the future?
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First off, Happy American Thanksgiving, Americans who celebrate. Hope you enjoy your food and sales and football.

Secondly, I finally--finally--got around to seeing Iron Man 3 tonight. The combo of headaches and my brother's very strong dislike after he'd seen it put it low on my list. But I saw it and enjoyed it. Now I am caught up with presently available on home video Marvel movies.

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I finally got around to watching Cap 2 tonight. Very enjoyable, though I have a headache now. Worth the headache, definitely, but I'm glad I didn't try to see it in theatres.

Spoilery comments )

Now if I can get my hands on Iron Man 3 and I watch Guardians of the Galaxy when it is realeased, I should be up-to-date on my MCU. Except for Agents of SHIELD, because I could never get into that.
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Hey, it's been a while since I a random 'Here's what Tom Hiddleston did lately' post. So, here's what Tom Hiddleston did lately.

He's been cast to play Hank Williams in a new biopic, and will be singing in it. So he's doing gigs to prepare, because British actors are method like that. He was at a musical festival, and someone got a video. They also got some parenting in there, so it's not the best audio, with the fighting children and annoyed adults. But you can hear Tom.

It sounds like his voice was strained (too much practising? Nerves?) but the guitar playing seems legit. I am not sad to have more Hiddleston singing in my life.
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I was watching The Avengers tonight to get my Bruce voice back (last night was Iron Man 2 night, to get my Tony voice back), and Mum was on the iPad in the room with me.

Mum: Oh my God, I knew that was Captain America from the back. When did I turn into this person? This is ridiculous! I didn't even need to see his face!
Me:  photo tumblr_mwzvntmVly1rjj4o1o1_250.gif

Also, whenever she sees Loki, she always says 'I still can't believe that's Tom Hiddleston' in a voice like she knew him as a child and is baffled that he's grown-up to be a super villain. Though, we did see him in Cranford before Thor, so that's basically what happened.
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I have yet to see the new X-men movie, and it will likely be quite awhile before I do, but in the meantime, here is an adorable interview clip of the Magnetos and Xaviers young and old doing impressions of one another:

I have to say, Fassbender's McKellan is pretty spot on.
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Things one learns while listening to British radio: alarm clocks that made tea used to be very popular in the UK. The idea is that it will wake you up and you will have a cup of tea waiting for you.

I feel like Q is very sad that this isn't really a thing any more. Or perhaps he has made himself a better version.

In other, "I'm Sorry All I Talk About is Tom Hiddleston" news: this literally made my day. Followed closely by this.
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When I was writing my Molly/Alec wedding story, I went on to see what sort of things were needed for weddings and to help me plan and stuff. You have to register, so I registered with Molly and Alec's details. Now theknot sends e-mails to Molly, giving her coupons to help pay for things from their shop. Sorry, theknot, I don't think anyone will be using those, for a variety of reasons. Including that fact that they won't be getting married until 2019.

In other 'I am nothing if not obsessive' news, I've started my Charahub page. You can see my characters there. I've done lots of work on Alec and Q, and started getting the Archambault family together because they are relevant to the story I'm writing now, which is turning epic.

In other, non-character news, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and John Finnemore have made greeting cards to be auctioned off for charity. You can see them here, along with the other submissions. I just want to say that my mental image of Benedict with glue and scissors, cutting and pasting buttons and lace is both hilarious and adorable.
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Just when you thought Tom Hiddleston couldn't get more geeky or lovely:

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My brother sent me some photos that he took yesterday, where Crimson Peak (or 'Haunted Peak', as the director's chairs say) was filming outside his office building.

See Mia run. )

Thus concludes my adventures. I'm very sorry for the squee, but you have to understand that we live in a very small town, and nothing exciting ever happens here. This is the biggest thing I can ever remember happening. It's very cool.
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I saw a film set today! Very, very randomly Crimson Peak is filming in my hometown tomorrow, and they've been building the set all week. I dropped by today to take a look. My aunt stopped in on Wednesday, so I have some of her photos from previous stages of set building, and I took some pictures today.

I don't know if Tom Hiddleston is in the scenes they're filming tomorrow and, after doing some serious agonizing, I have elected not to go down and see if I can watch. As interesting as I think it would be, and even with the potential chance to meet him, I don't think it's good form. I think it's a distraction for the actors. And I'm not sure if I'd even be able to get close; it took us ten minutes to find a road into the area that hadn't been blocked. Surprisingly, they allowed us right up to the actual set, though. But I doubt they will tomorrow.

Besides, I'm so very afraid if I did get to meet him, I'd fall down or say something like "I like to build houses for fictional versions of you to live in."

Anyway, it's terribly cool what they've done, and there are some pictures below the cut for those who may be interested.

Not pictured: green screens. I saw green screens! )

All in all, totally worth battling my migraine for.

ETA: I found out the market has a webcam! I could take a peek, thought I. They've disabled it for the day. Well played, film crew.

ETA 2: Word from my brother, who went down today: Mia Wasikowka was the only actress there. They were filming outside where he works, so he was able to watch the filming, and get a video of one of the takes. Amalie spoke to the AD and she said Tom Hiddleston is on a flight back to Canada. She took a picture of Ama in her Loki hoodie and sent to it him, though, as the AD said he'd get a kick out of it. :-D My brother's going to send me some photos to add to my collection.
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I may or may not have just watch The Pirate Fairy for Tom Hiddleston. Spoiler: I did.

Overall, quite enjoyable. Mum liked it, too. She's a nice person who goes 'why not?' when I suggest we get random children's movies from the On Demand channel.

Tom has a very good Disney voice. He's totally the guy who can say anything with enough enthusiasm for you to just go along with it and totally believe it. His singing voice isn't bad, either. Probably not headed to Broadway, but he sort of be very enthusiastic on key.

Bonus points for random Lucy Liu. Also, baby!crocodile is adorable.
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Me: *watching a video on tumblr* That was Tom Hiddleston singing.
Mum: Yes, I figured it was either him or Benedict, judging by the look of rapture on your face.
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I finally saw Frozen tonight, and wow! It was awesome. It's so nice to see a proper Disney musical again, and it was so lovely and sweet. My favourite thing about Disney movies is that they always get translated, so I decided to do a little back translation of 'Let It Go'.

Translation under the cut. This song has many exclamation marks.

Lyrics+Translation )
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In Britain, the radio is still a valid form of entertainment, beyond music and news. I have something going from BBC Radio Four almost constantly when I'm on the computer, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites, for those who might be in Cabin Pressure withdrawal, or who are looking for some entertainment they don't need to watch.

All of the following air on Radio Four. Some of them can be listened to on the iPlayer, if they are airing currently, some can be found on YouTube if you're lucky, and I think all can be found to buy from iTunes or Audible. I'm sure there are less legal ways, as well, if you are so inclined to seek them out.

Some of these have been on for decades, so don't be alarmed by the number of episodes. And these are just my favourites, or those I thought people might enjoy. There's a lot more out there and I highly recommend looking for it.

A Comedy Tonight. )
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1. I have now seen Skyfall.
2. Eeeee!
3. Someone please stop me before I write crossovers. I do not need any more crossovers. I will not write crossovers.
4. Eeeeee!
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The last of my French Sherlock rantings. This week: La Chute de Reichenbach. 'Chute' (fall) has the same double meaning in French as it does in English. It can mean a waterfall, a literal fall or a fall from grace. Also, they pronounced Reichenbach like 'ry-shen-bock', which made the Richard Brook thing work really well, as the French pronounciation (Ree-shar Bruk) is much closer to how they pronounce Reichenbach.

Maybe I've just gotten used to the voices now, but I think the doubles did a great job. I like Moriarty's voice much better this episode and John's double made me tear up, which is hard to do since I normally feel a bit disconnected from the plot when the voices don't match. I always feel like there's a distinct layering over of the voices, rather than the characters actually speaking the words. But John's double's little whimpering made my heart break a little.

Translation Notes:
- Sherlock informs Lestrade that Miss McKenzie will need 'an oxygen mask', rather than to breathe into a bag.
- He also calls Jim Molly's 'fiance', instead of ex-boyfriend.
- I was wondering how they were going to handle the IOU thing, but they just put a little subtitle translating what it meant every time it came up.
- The translation of 'the side of the angels' thing is kinda of nice in French. 'I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for a single second that you have an angel in front of you'.
- I also like that rather than calling him a machine, John tells Sherlock he doesn't have a heart. Which is a nice call back to The Great Game when it's Sherlock himself who says that he doesn't have a heart.
- For the curious (read: me) Sherlock and Moriaty call each other 'vous', which seems a little weird on Moriarty's part considering how intimate he considers himself with Sherlock. Maybe it's a sign of respect. John also calls Mycroft 'vous'.

Rewatching Notes:
I still love the handcuffed together moments. I also noticed that John has a hold of Sherlock's sleeve when they're against the wall together, which amuses me. They're joined together by metal handcuffs, but John is still obviously convinced that he's going to somehow lose track of Sherlock. Or maybe he just wants extra leverage to try and control his movement.

One thing that I've never understood: why does John go back to Baker Street when Mrs Hudson has been 'shot'? I know he needs to go there plotwise to see that she's alive and well and he's been tricked, but if she's been shot, why isn't he going to a hospital? Or does he think she's dead?

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Continuing with my geekiness and watching Sherlock in French. This week: Les chiens de Baskerville. There was some trouble getting it to load, so I also watched a bit of Le Grand Jeu (The Great Game) while I was waiting, which was taken down last year before I had a chance to watch it but has been reuploaded.

Last week, I mentioned in the comments to [ profile] donutsweeper about the use of 'vous' vs. 'tu' on the show. Basically, the use of a formal or informal 'you'. John and Sherlock start off using the more formal 'vous' with each other, then switch to the friendlier 'tu' one they get to know each other better. Sherlock continues to use 'vous' with pretty much everyone else, though, implying he doesn't feel he's close enough to them to be informal. I took note of that this time and the only other person he uses 'tu' with is Mycroft. Mrs Hudson, Lestrade and Molly are all 'vous'. Interestingly, Molly uses 'vous' with him as well, which is a great touch to show how nervous she is around him.

Translation notes:
- I learned a new word! 'Molosse', meaning 'huge dog'. A very cool thing was done with the whole HOUND thing. The acronym for the H.O.U.N.D project is changed to M.O.L.O.S (Mann, O'Mara, Lanski, Oster, Stewart). I think this is sort of clever, because 'molosse' becomes even more a twist of Henry's child's mind. He saw 'M.O.L.O.S' and the logo on the shirt, likened it to 'molosse' and created the hound to explain it.
- Mrs Hudson says 'coucou!' whenever she comes up to the flat. Which is sort of a friendly, 'hey there!' that I find very cute. It's also what you say to babies when you play peekaboo in French.
- They had to add another syllable to the 'I don't have friends' line to make it work, so Sherlock says 'I don't have friends, John'. Which is even more insulting, because he's not only saying he doesn't have friends, but that John most certainly isn't one of them.
- Another translation I liked: instead of John's 'IT'S NOT OKAY!', Sherlock says 'it's over now' and John says "NO, IT'S NOT OVER!'. Like 'we will be discussing this further, Sherlock!'.
- Also, re: The Great Game. According to French!Sherlock, the solar system does round and round a carousel like wooden horses, as opposed to round and round the garden like a teddy bear.

Rewatching notes:
Watching this again knowing that Sherlock is attempting to drug John's coffee made me notice all the little things Cumberbatch is doing in the background. Sherlock is all 'hey John, do you want coffee? You should drink this coffee. This is awesome coffee. Look, I made you some coffee. Oh no, I am so sad you won't drink this coffee. Have you drunk your coffee?' and then when John walks out, he checks the cup to see if he's drunk enough of it. I also love the face that Sherlock makes when he's spooning the coffee out at Henry's. It's this 'oh, what you have to say is very interesting. I am totally listening to it. This is what people look like when they are listening and interested.'
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Radio Canada has begun showing Series Two of Sherlock in French. I watched Une Scandale à Buckingham on their streaming service, for purely geek purposes. I always like to see how things are handled in other languages.

The voices are really good. Sherlock's voice actor has a great baritone and his rant about the airplane near the end was perfect, which couldn't have been easy given the number of words and speed he had to match. He doesn't play the sarcasm as well, though, and tends to put more emotion into things than Cumberbatch originally did. But it makes his interactions with Mrs. Hudson a little sweeter. John's voice has great comedic timing, I liked him last series too. Moriarty's voice is just...he sounds like a ten-year old boy and that sort of works for the character and Andrew Scott's interpretation of it, but when you get to Moriarty's more serious, quiet moments, it doesn't work as well. Though the glee with which he delivered the 'I'll make you into shoes' line made me laugh. Irene's voice was spot on - really sexy and well delivered. Mrs. Hudson sounds a little silly, Lestrade sounds like Rupert Graves speaking French and Mycroft sounds a little young.

Some translation notes:
-Instead of Mrs. Hudson calling John and Sherlock 'boys', she calls them 'les enfants' (children). I think that's sweet.
-John's line about baby names is changed to - 'if you're looking for names for the baby', as though it had already been conceived and was inevitable.
-The punny titles of John's blog didn't really work, but they did a good job with the 'I am Sherlocked' thing. The text on her phone read 'Je Suis Locké', which works well enough in Quebecois French where they throw in a lot of English. The first three squares of the password area said 'SIM' in them, but I don't quite know what that means. Maybe it refers to a SIM card?
-I like how they say Irene in French (Ee-ren), but I don't understand why Mycroft is not then Meecroft. Hamish becomes 'ameesh'. And they've finally decided on a universal pronunciation of 'Holmes'. It was all over the map last series.

One thing I realized while watching this again: On one of the entries to John's blog that the BBC set up, Sherlock doesn't recognize a Bond reference and John declares that a marathon is in order. Then on Sherlock's fake forum, he posts while he's watching (and enjoying somewhat) said marathon. This is probably why he makes the connection between 007 and BondAir, a pop culture reference he normally wouldn't have gotten. Clever show. Clever.


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