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Whew, it's been a long time without a post. Unfortunately, my battle with unexplained kidney stones goes onwards, so I've spent a lot of time in the tub and in bed instead of writing. Not that I need to be writing, I just like to be. But I'm still fiddling away with things, so hopefully, a story will come at some point, even if it's just original fic I'm playing around with.

In brighter news, I have lost a bunch of weight since I changed my diet back in July. All healthily and carefully and necessary. I have PCOS, which makes me prone to gaining weight and is benefitted by the loss of it. So, I'm working away and it's going well and hasn't been too hard or unenjoyable.

If anyone is interested, the Mediterranean diet was recommended by a few health officials to me and/or family members, and so far has been working great for us. It's not very strict and gives you lots of options. Even with my tomato allergy, I've found lots to eat that fit the bill.

And it cute news, we bought a new living room chair back in the Fall and Ascii has claimed it in the Name of Scotties, and it hilariously big for how small she is, but that does not stop her from being important on it: (click to embiggen)

Hope everyone else is functioning to their best abilities! Remember to be kind to yourselves! Everyone keeps reminding me of this, so I will pass along the message.
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We have a robin who makes her nest over our backyard porchlight every year. She's done the same this year, and she's been there for several weeks now, yelling at us each time we open the door to let Ascii in or out. It's funny, because you'll be somewhere in the house and hear the backdoor open followed by someone saying 'sorry Mrs Robin!'. The little robins have hatched now and Mrs Robin must have decided we're okay, because she's been feeding them right while we sit on the porch and watch. It's so cool to watch! I have a few pictures, but I can't get too close, so they aren't the best.


The first one is her feeding the birds, the second is her sitting on the roof with a worm in her mouth, and the third is the nest with a little bird peeking out. There are four in there. When she comes to feed them, they all raise themselves up and tweedle at her and she drops the food in one of their mouths, then waits a second and one of them will stick it's butt in the air and poop and she takes it and flies over to the fence and drops it on the ground to keep the nest tidy. It's really interesting to watch.

In other news, I've been feeling pretty crap lately, healthwise, and when that happens, I like to learn new things to distract myself, so I've been learning how to colour in lineart. I still can't draw to save my life, but I do quite like colouring. Here's my first attempt, done with Photoshop Elements and my tablet:


The lineart is by Hashm0sa here, and featured in a gallery on DA with free lineart to colour in. It's not perfect (my colouring) and I'm still working on how light works, but I'm happy with my progress. The sketch reminded me of Phryne Fisher of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries's fame (Mum and I have been watching it on Netflix), so I coloured her to look like that.

In a very 1920's fashion, Mum has ordered me to 'convalesce' from my health woes for the past two years, which have been varied and yucky. And it's very hard to just sort of look after yourself and sleep if you're tired and go and sit on the porch and read your book and pretend like you're on holiday when there's stuff that you could be doing that would be helpful to other people, but you can't really do because you're so rundown. But I'm working on it. By watching robins and colouring in pictures.
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So, 2017 is not getting off to a great start healthwise. I have another abscessed tooth. I have bad teeth. Even the dentist is like 'it's just genetics, you're doing the best you can'. I, of course, I had to start to feel the pain on a Thursday night (not last week, but the week before), when my dentist is always closed on Fridays. By Sunday, I was in so much pain my mom took me to Urgent Care, where one of her old doctor friends gave me antibiotics and a 'migraine cocktail' that took all the pain away, which was nice. Then on Monday, I saw the dentist, who, despite the fact there was a lump the size of a toonie on my palate, couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth except for a couple of caries. He added three more days to my antibiotics and made me an appointment for this coming Monday to have the cavities fixed and see how the rest was doing. I ran out of antibiotics yesterday morning and by this morning the lump was back, so I popped into the dentist on the way to see my GP about ANOTHER health issue (PCOS for the suck!). The dentist (the other one who works there) couldn't get an x-ray with my mouth the way it was, so he took a guess that my back molar was infected and opened it up and yes, it was. He drained it and the fistula and I have a temporary filling until Monday when the other dentist will finish the root canal.

Then, I went out to walk Ascii when I got home, and this random man came up to me in his car and leaned out the window to say 'hello' and I was like 'ooh, this could be bad'. But he just wanted to know if I wanted a rose. A girl was sitting in the passenger seat and they were driving around giving out roses to people on the street.

I really needed a rose today. Thank you, random stranger who, from the card on the rose, seems to be from some sort of real estate agency. You cheered me up immensely.
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Quick health update: I went to the doctor on Wednesday to get the results of my CT scan that I had done in Emerg when I thought I had kidney stones. And I totally had kidney stones, despite what the skeptical ER thought. In fact, I had a 4mm stone and a 2mm stone in my ureter at the time of the CT, which was the day after I went in. And I had hydronephrosis, which is a swelling of the kidney, suggesting that at one point, my ureter was completely obstructed. I'm guessing that was the period of time I felt like my kidney was going to explode. It's also kind of dangerous, so thanks, ER doctor, for not believing me and making me think it was all in my head.

While I've been not well, I've been keeping myself entertained, first with's free weekend, which actually led to me buying a month's subscription because I discovered that the stories that my Great-Grandfather had a first wife who left him and was never heard from again were at least partly true! Very exciting stuff. And scandalous: my GGF married the first wife in 1925, and by 1927 my grandfather was born to another woman, so that is a short turn around. Due to the unknown whereabouts of first wife, my GGF and GGM didn't marry for forty years, so scandals all around! And this is not to mention the fact that my GGF was baptized by the priest and listed as being of 'unknown parents'. Now, if I could just figure out how my Great-Great-Grandmother on the other side of the family got to Canada after magically popping up on the 1916 census, I will be quite content. Seriously, Amelia, how did you get here? You sent your son ahead. Then your husband and other two children. I have their boat records. How did you get here?!

The second form of entertainment continues to be Avengers Academy on my iPad. It's really getting fun now. Here are a few screen caps of my favourite things (click and they get bigger)

IMG_0456.jpg IMG_0453.jpg IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0448.jpg
IMG_0443.jpg IMG_0442.jpg IMG_0436.jpg

In order, left to right:
1. Pepper (in her Rescue armor) literally putting out Tony's fires.
2. A statue of Howard Stark.
3. Steve 'bringing back' the Charleston.
4. Pepper looking at files. On the roof. Because she can fly now.
5. Tony testing out his hoverboard.
6. Steve practicing ricochet angles, while Sam, Natasha and Janet dance, and Loki broods at the bar.
7. Tony working with JARVIS.
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I seem to be posting a lot of 'woe is me' entries of late, but seriously, woe is me. After having another few bouts of kidney stones, I finally lost it on Wednesday and went to the doctor because I was concerned about an infection or obstruction, and she was too, as she sent me on to Emergency because kidney infections are no joke. And I sat there for two hours and then had a doctor come in and be like 'go home, we'll do a CAT scan tomorrow, there's probably nothing wrong with you'. Which is rude, but was better than the sitting-in-Emerg-all night scenario that I was envisioning. Anyway, I went home and had the CT scan done the next day, and I assume whatever they found on there is not life-threatening, because my doctor asked to see me for an appointment 'within the month', which is on the 28th. And the kidney stone pain seems to have gone.

Except somewhere in the midst of either passing the stone or perhaps lying on the bed in Emerg, I've strained my back and now am having intermittent back spasms, and between the kidney stones, the abscessed tooth, and the back spasms, 2016 can go fuck itself.

On the bright side, my Mac computer came with a 'magic keyboard' that pairs with my iPad via Bluetooths, so I can continue to write while sitting in a more comfortable chair than my computer one. And I am writing quite a lot because for some reason when I don't feel well, I start to write like crazy. And Mum and I have been working our way through the first season of Poirot on Netflix, which neither of us have seen, and that's a nice distraction.

But on the whole, woe is me.
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I get a lot of tooth pain with migraines, and my tooth was killing me on Monday night, in anticipation of a big, huge, giant snowstorm we were having on Tuesday. Or so I thought.

But the migraine went away, and the tooth pain didn't, and then I came to the conclusion I probably had an abscessed tooth. And yep, I do. Thankfully, the pain seems to be settling down, and I'm on antibiotics, but I have to have a root canal next week and a crown put on.

And I have my period.


Feb. 3rd, 2016 01:17 pm
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Possible TMI ahead, be warned.

I have been passing kidney stones since Friday night. Like, six of them of at least 3mm, and a lot of kidney 'sand'. And it is so unpleasant, it is not even funny. I am sick of it. And I still have renal colic.

As is my wont, I am looking for characters to give this problem to, because I like to write what I know. I feel like Howard Stark would be a good candidate for kidney stones.

On the bright side, Agent Carter remains really freakin' good, and the amount of time I've spent in the bathtub means I've breezed through two very enjoyable Sara Gruen books. And I've also picked up my Epic War Adventures story which I thought I'd run out of steam on.

But mostly, ouch. And ick.
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Well, no joy on getting my stories back, and last night, my external drive failed as well. These events, coupled with the fact that my computer was behaving so erratically for the last little while that I was afraid to use it, has resulted in me biting the bullet and getting a new computer. I have got with a Mac this time, as suggested by my dad. Windows has been nothing but trouble for me since XP stopped being supported.

I was going to get a laptop, but the desktop was cheaper and better for what I was using it for, so I have a nice little Mac sitting on my desk now. I have named her Issie, in hopes that she will be stalwart and protect my files with the care one would expect from her.

I may still be able to get my files back, but for now, I'm looking on it as starting a fresh notebook--literally. I'm sure getting used to Mac life will be a bit of an adjustment, but so far, I am liking her for all the five minutes I've had her going. I've also started using Google Docs for saving my stories (thanks for the suggestion, [ profile] joonscribble).

Anyhoodle, stories may be a bit sparse until I can get my self back on track, but I hope to get myself in order soon enough. Thanks for all the sympathy yesterday, it was very appreciated!
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So, last night, after I posted my latest story, I saved that file, and that was fine. And I was off to bed, so I went to save the other three story files and I had open, and they wouldn't save because it said the flash drive was corrupted or some such thing, which had apparently happened in the literal five seconds between saving one file and trying to save another. So, I saved those three files to another drive, and took the flash drive out to see if reloading it helped.

And now my flash drive is a mess and I can't access any of my stories. And I don't have them backed up, because I keep them on the flash drive so they are safe, ironically.

Good news: three of the active stories I was working on are safe.
Bad news: literally everything else is possibly gone.
Good news: let's be honest, the majority of those stories were fragments that I wouldn't finish anyway.
Bad news: I lost a few stories that I'm really bummed out about, and a lot of character development stuff.
Good news: I have a pretty good memory to help me put them back together.
Bad news: Oh, dear God, why?!

So, I haven't quite given up hope yet, and I'm trying to find a solution, or even somewhere professional to take it, and either way, it's not the end of the world.

But...fuck this shit.
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So, my mum decided I should go to the doctor's today, after her characteristic swap from the 'you're fine' nurse, to the 'maybe you're not fine' mother. It's an inner struggle she has, I get it. We've recently had to switch doctors and our new one leaves appointments blank for emergency, same day people. I rang and had an appointment within half an hour. To give perspective, once at my old doctor, I rang a month in advance for prescription renewal and the first appointment they could give me was for three months later. To get to not only have an appointment while I'm still feeling the same symptoms, but within the hour of my phone call is a miracle. Is this how Americans feel?

Good news: I did not rupture my eardrum.
Bad news: I have an ear infection and probable strep throat.
Worse news: there is not a single fuckin' antibiotic available without food dye in it.

I am not allergic to food dye. I had that tested earlier in the year. I am, however, sensitive to food dye and have completely cut it from my diet and felt much better for it. When I eat food dye, particularly one derived from the cochineal bug, I get a pounding heart, a flushed face, and a tendency to have panic attacks or feel paranoid. It is not a pleasant experience. I have had amoxicillin before (as the very Russian pharamcist told me) and I don't remember being very strange on it, so I hope it will work out.

At the very least, the next seven days should be fun! I apologize for any weird posts I might make.
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I've had a sort of weird flu/cold thing since I went to the wedding a couple of weeks ago. Many of the guests have gotten ill, apparently. We suspect a groomsman who flew in from Calgary with a cold is the source.

First I had a very sore throat, and then that resolved a bit and I started coughing instead. Last night, I coughed so hard that I'm pretty sure I've ruptured my left ear drum. It's been ruptured in the past, when I had a very, very bad URI about...ten years ago. So, it's probably a bit weak. I couldn't hear at all last night, this morning I have a sort of echoing, tinny sound in it, like I'm hearing things through a glitched computer. My mother, the Kindly but Reasonable Nurse, told me to just go to bed, so I did. There's nothing a doctor can do about it unless it doesn't heal on it's own, so there's no point in seeing anyone.

I'm writing cute stories and listening to British panel shows to cheer myself up.

Also, I was going to share this at some point, and since I'm here... Someone on tumblr linked to this website: Fake Name Generator. It not only generates fake names, it gives you an address, telephone number, occupation, birthdate, vehicle, Visa Card number, all sorts of things. You can identify a nationality for the person and the country they're living in, to get appropriate results. It basically generates a random character, which might be useful if you need a background character for a story and don't want to spend time coming up with all this stuff. I'm thinking it would be useful for a list of suspects for a murder story.
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I've recently moved my laptop out to the new desk in the living room, so that I'm not hunched over in the den all the time. It's much more comfortable, but I've been having a problem with my Wi-Fi, where it would get a little exclamation mark symbol over it and tell me the connection was limited, and if you ran troubleshooting, it would correct itself and inform you that the default gateway wasn't open, but it was now. This happened in the den, too, but occasionally. Out here I was getting it every few seconds, which made the Internet almost unusable. It is a known issue with Windows 8, which no one seems especially hurried to fix. I did research and tried all the tips and nothing worked. At one point, I couldn't even connect to the server, period, until I realized that, in my frazzled state, I was spelling the network password wrong because there was only one L in the assigned password where there should have logically been two because the English language is STUPID! Ahem. Anyway, I finally discovered that you can get interference on a Wi-Fi signal if too many other people around you are using the same channel, and out here I'm picking up about seven more hotspots than I was in the den, so I changed the channel (after spending half an hour trying to figure out how to even log in to the server to do that, why must everything be so hard?!) and now it's been working for twenty-four hours straight, with only one drop out.

My mum told me I was resourceful. I think that's a polite way to say 'stupidly determined to find the answers for things when you get indignant'.

These events, coupled with some stupid family drama in regards to the wedding I attended on the weekend, made me very happy to discover this elephant with a ribbon. Because how bad can life be when an elephant is that happy just to have a ribbon and be a beautiful ballerina?
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Often when I get migrainey, I get aphasia and dysphasia. Which means either I can't find the right word at all or I use a wrong word. Or sometimes I make them up. Examples from this time around: "I'm going to empty the Internet." (I meant dishwasher). And "I'm hopefuling the weather will be better tomorrow".

Sometimes I like to imagine Q struggling through this while trying to order the minions around.

Q: No, I don't want I need a flasherstick!
Minion: *tentatively hands him a thumbdrive.*
Q: Thank you.


May. 5th, 2014 06:02 pm
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My word fairy has taken a face plant. I think I might have worn her out. We were going on really well! There was a plot! I had a plot! in it, and stuff. And it had chapters. Chapters!

Now, I'm just looking at all my ongoing stories going '....' and my word fairy is just '....'. Even my fluff is broken.

Maybe if I let her take a nap, she'll come back.
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Finally saw Thor: The Dark World tonight. Two thumb's up. Not as good as The Avengers, but I doubt anything will be except maybe the sequel. I would have liked a bit more Thor and Loki interaction, because it was so good, but overall, definitely awesome.

Also, I want an Asgardian funeral when I die.

In other, mini-rant news, this constant migraine prodrome without actual headache is getting very frustrating. Hormones for the big fat lose.

Oh well, here's a picture of Tom Hiddleston wearing a flower crown. Things can't be that bad.
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This cold is making my brain very strange. I am seriously having the weirdest random story ideas. Usually being ill makes me quite productive, word-wise, but instead my brain is just like 'here, dwell on this very random thought for half an hour until you can't tell if it's a good idea or a terrible idea'.

At least I'm making good headway into my set design projects. Because that's productive.


Aug. 22nd, 2013 09:56 am
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Having a crown put on your tooth when the freezing doesn't work is not a pleasant experience. It's not the dentist's fault, he put four rounds of freezing in, including the kind that goes into the bone, and I still felt it. Mum thinks I have aberrant nerves (basically, they ain't where they should be). She has the same problem.

Still, ouch.

ETA: I just found out 'freezing' is a Canadianism. What do the rest of you call local anaesthetic?


Mar. 23rd, 2013 08:03 pm
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My e-mail address has been hacked, so anyone who has received spam from me, I am very sorry. I've reclaimed the account now and got myself a new e-mail and am changing everything. Thanks!

La la la!

Mar. 18th, 2013 11:44 pm
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My mum has hurt knee, so she hasn't been able to get to the basement do laundry (she is very OCD passionate about laundry), so my dad has been doing it. My dad doesn't know about the Fabric Softener Rules, which are that you use the plain, unscented fabric softener and never anything with a scent. So my dad bought different fabric softener, and today I got dressed to go take the dog for a walk. I was slightly itchy when I left, and by the time I got home, I was literally tearing my clothes off. I am allergic to scents in things I put on my skin.

My mum reacted like I'd been exposed to radiation and started cataloging the clothes that been washed in the wrong fabric softener and isolating them and sending me to have an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal baths are brilliant, by way.

I had to take Benedryll to soothe down the itching and now I am somewhat spaced out. I just went to get yogurt from the fridge and got the milk instead. Then my brain decided milk=cereal so I poured myself some cereal, before realizing I didn't want cereal at all.

I am going to bed now. I hope I have clothes in the morning.
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Bad Things That Have Happened So Far This February:
(not necessarily in chronological order)
Cut for length. )

Good Things That Have Happened So Far This February:
- Um....
- I wrote a story?
- And due to a mix up over aforementioned front door lock, we some how walked away with a free lock and a $99 credit for the hardware store, which they insisted on, even after my dad point out that we didn't need the credit.
- There were chocolates on Valentine's Day. Including one that managed to somehow have a rasperry and caramel filling simultaneously.

In other news, I grilled my mum on medical stuff for a fic last night and subsequently had a dream where I was working in a clinic, trying to look after patients without knowing how and desperately hoping no one would notice. It's okay brain, I don't think we'll be called on to do actual Burr holes at any point.


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