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I wasn't able to see the new 'Beauty and the Beast' film in theatres, so I'm waiting for it to come to PPV, but I've listened to the soundtrack a little and the new song the Beast sings is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking. And today I randomly stumbled on the French translation and it's honestly one of the most beautiful translations I've heard of any song ever:

Lyrics + Translation )
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I spent most of yesterday with a youtube playlist of French Animated song translations on, and it put me in a mood to translate. It also reminded me how often I dislike the Canadian French translations when compared to the European French translations. The Canadian French dubs tend to be very literal, sometimes to the point of the lyrics not rhyming. I never quite understand why they need to do both dubs. It would be like Disney deciding to do a British English dub. And we didn't even start getting our own dubs until the Little Mermaid came out. Anyway, I've done 'Journey to the Past' from "Anastasia". For interests sake, I've put the original English versions next to the Canadian French translation and the European translations. I've just put in the translations, the French lyrics can be found at the links to the videos I've put at the top of the table, if you're curious.

Journey to the Past/Revisiting the Past/Travelling In Time )
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I finally saw Frozen tonight, and wow! It was awesome. It's so nice to see a proper Disney musical again, and it was so lovely and sweet. My favourite thing about Disney movies is that they always get translated, so I decided to do a little back translation of 'Let It Go'.

Translation under the cut. This song has many exclamation marks.

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Listening to this today, thought I'd do some translating.

LA QUETE(The Quest)
translation of 'The Impossible Dream' from Man of La Mancha
sung by Bruno Pelletier

Lyrics + Translation )
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Sometimes I like to translate songs. This one is from Roméo et Juliette, which is a French musical that was massively popular about ten years ago or so, and which fourteen year old me was quite obsessed with. It's very strange, and very cheesy, and very French, but the music is extremely catchy.

This song is sung by Roméo (long hair), Benvolio (blond hair), and Mercutio (no hair), as a sort of introduction to them and their views on life. Video from the filmed live version of the musical is under the cut, with translation.

Les Rois du Monde (The Kings of the World) )
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For some reason, my iPod's shuffle loves this song. I don't mind, because I find it a lovely, comforting, cozy song even though the lyrics are bittersweet. I'm in a translatey mood, so I'm going to translate.

Video and translation below the cut.

Il y a (There Is) )
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So, my MP3 player decided it was going to be all French, all the time today on my walk and it put me into a translation mood. I'm going to do a song from a French musical called Les Dix Commandements (The Ten Commandments), which is unsurprisingly, the story of Moses (or Moïse, in French) from the Bible. I haven't actually seen the show, since the DVD recording of it isn't available in Region 1, but it appears to be uploaded to youtube, so feel free to check it out. The music is very catchy, if nothing else. This particular song is song by Josué (Joshua), and it's one my favourites. There's a video below the cut.

La Peine Maximum )
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[ profile] donutsweeper and I were talking about the differences between the French-Canadian Disney dubs vs. the European French Disney dubs, and I thought I might do a side by side comparison for interests sake.

So, I've done Colours of the Wind from Pocohantas. Translations w/ links to youtube videos are below the cut. Apologies for the weird table, it was a bit tricky to the html right for a side-by-side appearance.

Les Couleurs du Vent vs. L'Air du Vent )
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I finally watched the new Muppet movie last night with my Mum. My cheeks hurt by the end from smiling so much. It was just the loveliest, happiest thing!

I'm a bit too young for the original Muppet show and it's reruns, but I remember watching Muppet Babies and being allowed to stay up late on Friday nights to watch Muppets Tonight.

Anyway, my first instinct when watching anything with singing is to see how it's translated into French. Because I'm weird like that. So I back-translated the French version of "The Rainbow Connection". Because I'm weird like that.

The second verse is vaguely disturbing in French, but the third verse is just gorgeous.

You can listen and see Kermit singing it here.

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When I'm feeling blah, I like to translate. I don't know why, but it makes me happy. I was listening to my Les Miz Paris cast CD tonight and decided to translate that. Although, considering this will be a translation of a translation of a translation, it's somewhat redundant.

The French re-translation of Les Miz (translated back from the English version which was translated from the original French version) is awesome. The lyrics are beautiful and match the English version's sentiments perfectly. Not mention the Paris cast is kickass.

SEULS DEVANT CES TABLES VIDES (All Alone In Front of these Empty Tables)
performed by Jerome Pradon as Marius
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables )
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In a translately mood today so here's another very pretty French song, performed by Natasha St-Pier, who has such a rich, beautiful singing voice. Her voice is like dark chocolate. It's lovely.

Croire (Believe) )
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I used to do a lot of translating on my personal journal, but I don't get around to posting on that as much as I used to, and, since this is my writing journal and translation counts as writing, I figured I'd post this here. I had an urge to translate today.

This song is the Euro French translation of 'I'll Try' from the Disney Movie 'Return to Neverland'. 'I'll Try' is one of my favourite songs, period, despite it coming from a meh sort of movie. The lyrics are beautiful and Johnatha Brooke does a wonderful job with them. I have 6 versions of the song - English, French, Icelandic, Swedish, German and Dutch - the later four I don't understand, but they still sound gorgeous. Anyway, I love the song, obviously, and it just makes sense to me. So, the English version lyrics can be found here. And here is the French version, with translation. I don't have an MP3 of it handy, or I would post it. The English version can be heard on a few Dresden Files music videos on youtube (here). I don't know how well the videos are done, but the song is worth listening to.

Je Crois )

As a side note, if anyone has any French they're curious about or would like translated, I'm more than happy to give it a go. French is one of my obsessions. :-D


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